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      The publicity of this March has highlighted the common issues in the Almanzora Valley, in order to keep the pressure on, please come along and support us. The quicker the Junta respond to the situation, the quicker we can get on with our lives.
      Legal building again, Estate agents reopen, and confidence restored in the local economy.



      Theme: We bought in good faith: save our homes. Stop planning and real estate abuse: regularisation now.

      The organisers, residents in Cantoria, whose houses are subject to criminal court procedure, and possible demolition, but also with the support of a substantial group of residents throughout the Almanzora Valley and the Levante Almeriense, and on their behalf also, are holding a peaceful protest to highlight the situation of many properties in Cantoria, some of which, are subject to the threat of demolition; but also to protest against the real estate and planning irregularities in the area of the Almanzora Valley and elsewhere, and the grave situation many homeowners find themselves in since purchasing their properties in good faith.

      The march will start and finish near the Old railway station Fiesta area, (West of the town, near the rambla) and walk in an anti clockwise direction, around the Town via the Town Hall,and back to the start ia distance of about 3 kms.

      Cantorians not registered to vote, are asked to do so at the end of the march.

      No offensive banners are welcome, some suggestions of permissible slogans below

      Soluciones ya – solutions now

      Somos víctimas inocentes – we are innocent victims

      Justicia – justice

      Somos pensionistas – we are pensioners

      After the march there will be short speeches by the secretary of the Cantoria Residents Assocaition, a representative of the AUAN, a representative of the AUALN and Mrs Prior

      Thank you for the support of Cantoria residents, as well as members of the associations –
      AVEP, AULAN, AUAN, AUN, LSOS, Ciudadanos Europeos.

      Please be at the start point by 11.55am

      Directions to the March in Cantoria

      At present the 334 Albox to Cantoria Road is undergoing major construction work due to the new motorway. About 6 kilometres, after the bridge over the Albox Rambler, the new road goes uphill towards a new roundabout overlooking the junction to Partaloa to the right. As you go downhill on the new road, after about 800 meters you will see the sign to turn left towards Cantoria/Almeria/Albanchez just before an unfinished bridge in front and to the left of you. (this may well be finished by Thursday) Turn left here and about 800 metres along this road there is a signpost pointing left for Cantoria, just before the new bypass bridge. Follow this Road into Cantoria, and keep sharp left at the junction where there is a narrow road in front of you. This brings you through the Plaza del la Constitution, carry on past the plaza (on your right, and Shandy’s bar to your left) and the road turns sharp right after about 100 metres (this brings you behind the main church) after 50 metres the road bears sharp left, keep left do not go straight on (narrow Road) follow this road for about a km, and when you cone to a Y junction by the Spar and a bar, take the Road to the right and follow this road down to the bottom, where the car parking area is.

      However there is a more scenic route into Cantoria via the village of Almanzora, if coming via Albox, As you are leaving the Town of Albox this Road is signposted “Almanzora”, on the slip Road just after going over the Albox Rambla bridge, about 500 metres. This Road is undulating, winding so needs care, but eventually reaches the Village of Cantoria. As you enter the the village the football stadium on your left, some 400 metres further on, take the second left turn by a bar, and the Spa supermarket, and then keep following the Road downhill for about 800 metres. This will bring you to the parking area.

      We hope to have marshals holding boards with March/Marcha and a “P” for parking, sign on them, to point you in the right direction.

      The parking area is to the right of points 1 and 5 on the attached map

      for map see;http://www.almanzora-au.org/CantoriaMarchRoute.jpg

      Kind regards, and once again many thanks for your support.

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      ……..hope this went (or is still going) well?, and well done to anyone who took part. Let’s hope it’s the first of many such demonstrations highlighting Spains dreadful lack of regulation/corruption/slow or poor justice.

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      Here here

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      Hi All

      Many thanks for all the support at Cantoria’s Peaceful protest today. Approximately 300 turned out, and it all went very smoothly. Too many people to thank individually, but collective groups, AUAN, AUALN, Bedar/El Pinar residents many thanks. .The speeches from Bob Naya (AUAN) Lenox Napier (AUALN) and Mrs Helen Prior (Vera demolished house) were well received, and gratefully acknowledged. The villagers were supportive, the Mayor promised swift action, and hopefully the Junta will have taken note. We handed in a petition for services connected (water and electricity) without the certificate of first occupancy, and the Mayor promised to bring this up in a meeting in Seville on September 28th. The Spanish press will be full of it tomorrow, however we may have to wait a week before the Costa Almeria News report, due to their imminent publication tomorrow.

      Thank you all for publicising this event.


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      Nobby106. Well done I am very pleased for you guys. Don’t accept the word of the Mayor, they have the tendency to provide lip service.

      See if one of you can go with him at the meeting in Seville on the 28th September 08. Other wise he will come back & give you all some bull s..t.

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      Yes well done,good luck to you all.

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