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      As we all know there are quite a few new developments with a lot of unsold/vacant units.

      I have a marketing idea that would require some additional features(not expensive) added to the development. And the whole development marketed as a unique lifestyle concept.

      Would any developers or even banks with a lot of property to offload be interested in such a proposition?

      If so, how and where would I go about contacting them?

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      AJSpain. You have to have your idea patented & protected as the banks will not shy away from copying it if your idea is the next best thing ………….. slice of bread.

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      Well, I am dealing with many of the bank property divisions at boardroom level, offering strategic advice. You can always run your idea past me….

      Send me a PM, if you like.

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      @AJSpain wrote:

      even banks with a lot of property to offload be interested in such a proposition?

      You must be joking. At least 10 Spanish banks require bailout funding from the government right now. Your funding needs a private investor.
      Nobody I know will touch real estate ideas at the moment, however well marketed its just toxic and the risk too high.
      Banks are only concerned with trying to market and shift their stocks of repossessed property.
      I had a project recently of buying up a group of bank owned apartments on a quiet urbanisation and creating retirement homes for older Europeans, complete with resident caretaker, medical services and security of tenure for the residents.
      Sadly the business model would not provide sufficient return for the investment required. At that time I could not shift the banks into a decent price. That position may have now changed but I’ve moved on.

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      I have not come accross one project, a person or a corprate body ( not refering to Multinationals ) who has had a project where the numbers stack up not withstanding other factors like risk, lack of law & order, prohibitive & inflexible employment legislations, hostility against non Spaniards & a lack of
      desire to make profit/create wealth.

      The Country is happy to be a giant paper pushers & the one who cant do so go down the illegal route of activities.

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