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      Hi I’m wondering if anyone can offer some advise, I have googled this endlessly but not found any answers- basically we used to live in Spain but moved back to uk a couple years ago, my mum and dad sold the house just before Christmas, and although they made a loss on the sale they are having to pay 15000 capital gains tax – which out of principle they are refusing to pay. I want to know what the consequences of this could be.  We also own a plot of land in Spain which we will probably never be able to nor it is worth selling – will they put a charge on this for the tax? Are they able to put a charge on our house in the uk or have us fined in the uk? Would this change if the uk left the EU? Would the amount they owe keep going up and up like an unpaid loan would? Are there any other more serious consequences? Any advise or if you have had a similar experience I would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, thank you

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      Mark Stücklin


      Where was the property / which region & municipality?

      Do you have all the paperwork you need to prove the sale was made at a loss?

      On what grounds is the taxman claiming you owe €15,000 in CGT? Are they just hanging onto the 3% retention, or are they demanding your parents cough up more money?

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