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      Over the 5 years that we have been providing new Property inspection services, snagging lists, developers have tried all sorts of ways to prevent us delivering a service but in all those years I have can still be surprised as I have been by the latest tactic from the developer of United Golf Resorts La Tercia, Broncho Promotions SL and their total disregard of their of their customer requirements.

      We have already carried out a large number of inspections on this site on the earlier phases typically finding an average of 26 defects and we had started inspections on phase 2 when out of the blue received a call from their aftersales manager followed by the following email

      To confirm our telephone conversation of yesterday please be informed only; clients, their legal representatives or sales agent will be granted access to the properties prior to the client signing the title Deeds for their property.

      This change of procedure is one of a number which have been introduced for the second phase. I would like to assure you though that the change in the snagging procedures is not directed towards your company alone, it goes for all parties who are not mentioned above.

      With regards to restrictive practices I believe the change in procedures does not breach this for several reasons, with the main one being the properties are still in the ownership of the constructor so the granting of access to the properties is within the right of the constructor.

      Often we check properties before completion saving the client the expense of travelling to Spain and reassuring them that the property is finished and often helping to get repairs started before they complete but now with this developer a buyer cannot have the property independently checked, by any company and have to visit Spain or get the sales agent or a lawyer to check the property. They cannot even bring along a friend to help them carry out checks

      In another e-mail sent to client that had a snagging visit arranged and cancelled another member of staff wrote The building standards and specifications have been verified independently by the local authorities, everything has been inspected to confirm it has been completed to the correct standards prior to the issue of the habitation certificate for your property.

      Although a check on the specification is part of the checks a snagging inspection is often more about checking the property finish normally where we find the poor paintwork, damaged doors, poor levels on patios, all nothing to do with the checks for the Certificate of Habitation

      Of course you have 15 days after completion to submit a snagging list and after completion the developer cannot restrict access to the property but as we always advice clients the snagging list should always be submitted at The Notary as part of the legal paperwork process

      Also given all the known horror stories of getting work done, especially when a development is coming to an end, how many of you would be happy snagging after completion

      I know that professional snagging companies are not popular with developers and I have asked this developer for the reason why they have introduced this policy and received no response.

      The immediate feedback that I have had is that some people will be refusing to complete unless an independent check is available, some were looking for an excuse to delay completion and will now use this on the basis that it is not covenant to travel.

      More worrying some have stated that this change in policy this has made them nervous about this developer and that they will now walk away from their investment

      I am certain that that if this was in the UK people would be objecting however is this example of how badly Spanish promoters believe they can treat buyers.

      The question why is this developer doing this especially as they are about to launch more developments Bamendi near Murcia and Valle Del Sabinar near Alicante so perhaps potential buyers should be aware of this policy.

      There are a number of snagging organisations providing services on this site so this doesn´t only effect my company

      I know that this forum is widely read and I would appreciate comments form members that can potentially be passed onto the developer to get them to change this policy as they are the only developer I know imposing this restriction

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      I work in a different geographical area to you but both myself and my clients often have, ahem “difficulties” with some developers convincing them to permit access before completion.
      So far, access has never been refused and the worst situation I have come up against was a time limit imposed on the amount of time I was “allowed” inside an apartment. I arrived early, announced myself in the sales office, went down to the block to wait and, knowing the time constraint, started to carry out some of the external inspections before my allotted time slot. However I was tracked down by security, removed and told to wait by my vehicle. I was escorted in by a security guard, who remained in the apartment shadowing me and who escorted me off the premises on the dot of the allotted one hour I had been reluctantly granted. I have never snagged so fast in my life!
      The majority though, I have to say, are usually happy to issue a key and let you get on with it.
      If I were in your situation I think I would be arguing that pre completion snagging is in the developer’s best interest and that refusal to allow this will harm their image/reputation. But I expect you’ve tried this!

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      Having looked at this I have discovered that the situation may be even worse with the inclusion of another clause in their completion paperwork which actually states they can have third party inspect the property but they now wish to ignore

      If a client wishes a third party to visit the property on their behalf they are requested to notify the “After Sales” department of this in writing. Should United Golf Resorts be requested to open a property for a third party to snag the property it must be noted, due to security measures, our procedures and workload, we will be unable to accommodate re-opening the property for the third party to revisit the property on other occasions.

      Please be advised United Golf Resorts will only accept one snag list for a property.

      Should a client or their representative present a further list of works, not mentioned of their original list, it will be the decision of the “Technical” department whether they attend to these additional items.

      What is normal, especially as some developers will not allow any inspections is that a buyer has 15 days, after completion in whch to check the property and submit a new list as it is often when you start using a property do you discover defects

      The other problem is that it is common that a builder will create additional new defects while repairing the original list so with this developer and the clause there is no way to guarantee that these will be repaired as the clause allows the bulder to repair whatever they choose

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      “however is this example of how badly Spanish promoters believe they can treat buyers “

      Excuse, me NOT beleive, they do it and if people still go and do business with them than whose fault is it ????

      Vote by your feet. before I get accused, of telling what people should do.

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