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      I refer to dabstheleo on the private sales section.
      I must say I feel absolutely horrified and sick to the stomach that people can be so misled by smirky salesmen who could not care a toss whether people loose their life savings or not. They will of course call it business! These people have it down to a fine art how to make you sign on the dotted line and with their steadfast promise that they will look after your interest and sell your off plan “no problem” before completion. I do hope that they will be exposed for what they are (Atrocious Despicable Homes ) Any ideas how to help dabstheleo? Any ideas how to expose these companies?[/b]

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      Just read what happened to dabstheleo. He need to check the paper work that he signed. It should specify the payment breakdown.

      What can you do?
      Generally these sort of agents (the one you mentioned) plus a few of the other big boys are very smart.
      example: the market has grown by 20% (or whatever) for the last 3 years. Its expected to do the same for the next 2.
      Buy through us and we’ll help resell it for you. You’ll make a 100% profit (on your investment of 40,000 only if your lucky, not incl. taxes, comissions, etc.) on the sale!.

      They’ll never admit to making a mistake, or they will blame someone or something for the mistake.

      If i was him, i’d complain to the INnetwork. Get anyone else that has been messed around and get them to complain as well. The INnetwork are there to prevent unethical practices (also i don’t think they’d want the bad publicity).

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      Hi Fuengi, These people will have lost a lot. I hope they still log on to this site to read what advice and ideas you have given. It would be good to hear from them again to hear what is happening.

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