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      Dear Raymundo,

      My father passed away 2 years ago and left a small house in the canaries to me, together with some land. unfortunately I cannot find any of the deeds and the Notario, will not do anything without them.

      Both my parents and I were born in the Canaries. Although I presently live in the UK.

      There are no other living family members

      Do I have to notify anyone regarding any related taxes, or is that done when the Notario closes the case?

      Any help will be much appreciated

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      Mark Stücklin


      The first step is to hire a lawyer to get a registered copy of the deeds from the notary (a simple land registry filing, or nota simple, will identify which notary). You can then use the deeds and your father’s will to transfer the property to your name and deal with inheritance tax issues.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Also, once you have changed the title to you before a notary, you will have to deal with IHT in Spain. There may be a fine for late payment. You will need a lawyer or gestor to help you make a tax declaration in Spain and deal with the tax office and payments.

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