UK Undersecretary acknowledges spanish property problems.

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    Katy, they all talk about & know very well the propblems. The question is what are doing about it.

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    I wouldn’t really call it an acknowledgement.

    I know the interview was about Florida, but Mr Bellingham brought up the topic of Spain. All he had to say was:

    I think that a lot of Brits in the past have invested in Spain and places like that, but they’ve had some unhappy experiences in terms of property rights and that sort of thing. …

    ‘Unhappy experiences’………….???

    For people who have had their houses bulldozed or are living with the threat of demolition or those who are victims of Land Grab and Ley de Costas or those, like me, who have had their hard earned money stolen by corrupt developers and negligent banks…..I think it is a bit of an insult for Mr Bellingham to describe these scandals and corruption as an ‘Unhappy experience’!!!

    If Mr Bellingham wanted to bring Spain into his discussion about Florida, then he should have more accurately described the pain and heartache suffered by hundreds of people at the hands of the corrupt Spanish Real Estate industry!!

    More empty and insulting words just like those of Mr Zapatero.

    Kind regards


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    It is unusal in diplomatic circles to even bring the “slightest slight” about another countries affairs when speaking in a third country. That is why I think it is a sort of acknowledgement.

    Not much chance of any direct action when you see what has happened in Zimbabwe and other places…they have done bugger all 👿

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    Zimbabwe is not in EU & further EU does not have to settle old colonial scores. Gibraltar comes to mind perhaps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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