troublesome tenant.

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    I currently have a tenant whose contract expires 30/9 and in early June they were advised that the contract would not be renewed as we would be useing the apartment for personal use.
    He is being unreasonable and now states that his intention is not to move althoughh he did state that he would be getting his keys for next abode 15/9 then is was15/8 ….who knows.The rent is always late and owes for water and electricity.I have given him notice in writing…..The garden has also been neglected and will take some care and attention to restore to condition that tenacy was taken.Can I enter apartment.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Hi Weema.

    You cannot enter in the apartment unless the tenant allows you to do so. Entering the property without tenant’s approval is a crime offence.

    You need to go to a lawyer that, after studying your contract, can advise you about the next step.

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    Inland Andalucia

    No, no need to enter without permission.

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