Tramploin Hills Golf Course – know anything about it?

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    Hi there

    I have been asked by a client to look into Tramploin Hills golf development in Murcia, but know absolutely nothing about it.

    The information I am after is

    1. Is it legal and does it have all necessary pemissions
    2. Is the developer safe (ie well established, financially sound etc)
    3. Do they finish when they say they are going to (within reason of course)
    4. Are there any known issues and what is their after sales service like

    Many thanks in advance


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    After looking at Claire’s link I would say the answer to all your questions is definately NO đŸ™‚

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    I saw some advertising for this development that worried me Vince, there was an additional charge of 1,000 euros to legalise the property. Any ideas what that means đŸ˜•


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    Well I have done some further investigation and the fact they give agents 18% commission suggests one of two things. They are a very generous developer or are desparate to sell. Either way 18% is way too much commission, they would be much better offering a discount to the clients-

    However I thnk this one is a definite no no.

    Thanks for all your help

    As for the extra 1,000 euros Jim it is probably a charge levied to obtain the corret licences and get electric and water etc switched on. Never heard of it before.


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