Tracked Him Down!!!!

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    Surprise surprise, look on the Peterborough United website (football), click on ‘Chairman reduces prices for Bees clash’ and guess whose grinning mug comes up?

    None other than Darragh MacAnthony đŸ‘¿

    If I’m not mistaken wasn’t he the boss of MRI? đŸ˜†

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    EOS has already had some 340 views on this subject in the same time as 85 views on this site, a Premier League football club has also had a topic raised on him.

    Interesting to read about Ocean too, thanks for that.

    Be under no illusions but I will make it a priority to pass on certain info to the relevant authorities both Spanish and UK, and other countries if necessary.

    I’m soon to build a large website with the sole aim of exposing scammers and crooks, or those who knowingly mis-sell to unsuspecting buyers, and, I’m not afgraid of litigation either đŸ‘¿

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    MRISG which is ‘Misled Realty International Supporters Group’ has 1200 members who reckon this low-life has conned them, according to the Olive Press who carried an article in December.

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