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      Maresme Buyer

      Hi all.

      Im trying to get some information on touristic licences in the Marsesme area of Catalunya.

      Does anyone have any experience with applying for (accepted or rejected)?

      My partner and I are currently looking to buy a property with the view to have guests in a b&b style where we also offer additional things like wine tasting etc. We recently found the ideal property in Cabrils but were then rejected for a touristic licence (by the town hall) as we were not within a super close circumference of the town centre (we were walkable still though) They didn’t seem particularly flexible.

      Does anyone know if there is a way to appeal this or escalate it, explaining in more detail the venture we propose (Eg not loud guests for AirBnb style)?

      Does anyone know if this is the same issue in every other place along the coast (Alella, Teia, Premia de Dalt, Vilassar de MAr, Sant Andeu de Llavaneres, Arenys de Mar etc) or if certain areas it is easier to get the licence?

      Does anyone have any knowledge/rumours as to if this law could become more relaxed in the future?

      It is quite frustrating as otherwise we seem confined to buying only houses already with touristic licence which completely narrows the field done to a couple in the whole areas – and this isn’t really viable for us.

      Many thanks to anyone with some experience in this area it would be much appreciated.






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      Bill Macpherson

      We applied for a tourist licence 3 years ago in Besalu.  Quite a stringent process via the local town hall (plans of the house etc) then a visit from tourism HQ in Barcelona to ensure the standards were up to speed.   Not straightforward, but it does ensure the standards are upheld, which is the o next of the excel use.  Our Masai is now for sale, and the tourism licence is definitely a selling point.


      Bill Mac

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