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      Some neighbours of ours (Germans) thought they had sold their house a couple of months ago.

      However, they are now having problems with the Catastral. Firstly their house is not shown on the correct plot, and secondly their plot is smaller than it should be in square metres.

      They have been told it might take up to 3 years to sort everything out and cost about 5,000€.

      They don’t speak much English and we don’t speak German, so some of the facts are not clear. However the years figure is correct and also the costs involved.

      Can anyone tell me what the costs should be of a topographical survey and is this necessary to document the area of a plot?

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      Mine if I remember was about 1,000 euros,my plot was 845 m2 dont know if a document for it is neccessary,I thought it was done to see the nature of the ground you were building on and what foundations you would need but others with more knowledge should point you in the right direction.

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      Thanks. Yes I think I mean a survey to show that the land you are buyng is the actual land you think you are buying, or to document the actual boundaries of your plot.

      However, on searching the Sigpac site it looks as though the house I was referring to has actually been built in the wrong place, on the wrong plot!

      Ooops. (What’s that in German?)

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