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      The Daily Telegraph has done another 10 best places to buy abroad (with appropriate links for agencies to advertise 🙄 )

      After pointing out that many people in their 50’s and 60’s would like a place for holidays or retirement they choose No.1 destination as Florida. Well Florida is ok. but they don’t point out that British cannot retire to the USA. Their choice is minutes from Disneyworld…why would a middle aged couple want to live near Disneyworld 😕

      Spain comes in at No.8, in Murcia, close to where the Paramount film park will be built in 2015. To anyone who has not followed this story it sound as if the Paramount project is written in stone when it probably will never be constructed.

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      The article recommends Camposol Golf near Mazarron 😯

      Camposol makes Torrevieja seem like St. Tropez in comparison. It’s cheap with good reason, yet they list it alongside places like Mauritius and Switzerland ❓ ❗

      Then again, anyone who buys at Camposol without doing their research has it coming to them. I spent a couple of hours there, talked to a few people, and knew all I needed to know.

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      Just love the comparison there Mark. =)

      I agree though very weird to choose that “location” when you have places much better to compare them with like Mallorca or Marbella etc.

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