Tinsa Stats for September

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    Been busy this week so didn’t list this when they were published on Tuesday. I’m somewhat surprised by the lack of comment to be found anywhere. Perhaps this is because the figures are so dire?


    Not pretty reading for those who own Spanish property.

    General -5% (August -4.6%)
    Costas -8.7% (August -4.9%)

    The move towards smaller price falls that was being widely reported earlier this year has ground to a halt. It is too early to say for sure but it looks like the trend is now for the rate of fall to increase. In the case of the Costas we could well be looking at double digit numbers by year end.

    Peak (Dec 07) to present numbers are:

    General: -17%
    Costas: -25.7%

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    Mark: What comment would you like ? there are three catogaries The first who cannot handle the situation in a grown up way. The second who does not have confidence in the stats & third a combination of the first & second.

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