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      My blog piece on the Tinsa Property Price Index elicited an interesting comment from a reader who’s just had enough of dodgy stats (and, dare I say it, my lazy reporting of them).

      You can read the article and comments here:

      Spanish property prices continue trend towards positive territory – Tinsa Index

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      It’s an interesting observation about an obfuscated market with one mistruth supporting another!

      However, the new technological age can help you see through the smoke screen.


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      I think he makes a lot of sense. Particularly, I have to say this Mark, on your choice of headlines.

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      Chris M

      Well the reader did make sense, but nothing that hasn’t been said by everyone often enough, including as Mark and several others have pointed out, Mark himself.

      But what’s a body to do, ignore Tinsa altogether?

      You can’t these are all based on their valuation process.

      But it is crackers for sure that the Spanish Press believes or works from these stats, they are soooo far behind the times, that actually, the only people who can tell you where prices are at, are the Agents, and we have been saying prices have been down from peak by 30%+ for a long time.

      But mmmm…. will we be believed when we eventually report increasing sales and heaven help us, increasing prices?

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      Cant see the problem with the piece by Mark, he has reported the Tinsa Index as he normaly does, if you read the text you see the words “if the figures are to be believed” and “valuations, not actual transaction prices”

      For me what Marks saying is make you own mind up on these figures and I am sure we are capable of that, he’s only reporting them not making them up!

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