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      hi Guys
      I will soon be in a position to buy a property or properties in Spain.
      I would really appreciate any expert advice that any one can give me.It does not matter if the advice is long ,short ,professional, or just from own experience.
      I ask for this help because from the research I have come across on the web and asked estate agents is confusing and conflicting to say the least.
      Little issues like
      are houses legal in Spain at all and I do mean fully legal, cant be changed by some person some years later,
      are the prices real in the sense that they can be so different depending on who is selling,
      How bad is the illegal problem and is there any light at the end of the tunnel,
      I only wish to buy if I am sure I am protected by law,
      what are all the charges to keep a property in Spain,
      Is renting a good idea, long short term,
      What kind of property rents better and to whom,
      I have read income taxes are due on a property for non residents even if the property is not rented out is this true,
      does a property have to be fenced in to stop people using the land, i have heard of the free roaming in Spain,
      Really any info would be great

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