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      Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a Swede (not the vegetable) with a burning desire to spend my grey years in Spain.
      Having spent more than 20 weeks in Sant Carles de la Rapita the last 6 years I am considering buying an apartment for myself there. I was there last week and looked at a few apartments but I am not sure of where the market is heading. I am not doubtful about the place itself as it still is quite a lonely and deserted place where almost no one speaks anything but Catalan or Castillian (deserted and lonely not a problem for me), but where is the market heading?
      Also I have searched the forums to find any threads but no…
      I was there the last two weeks. I looked at a 3 bedroom apartment where the owner suggested a price of 285 000 € being non-negotiable. 24 hours later I got an e-mail suggesting an accepted price of 220 000 €…
      Then I checked with the building company who built this apartment. They would offer a 2 bedroom apartment for 220 000 € with the right position for me (ground level and garden access). This would be put on to the (non-existing?) market this autumn.
      Then I read on this site: “The same cannot be said of the area just to the south of the Ebro River Delta, in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, in the Montsia district, where they are busy building more ghastly apartment blocks that nobody in their right mind would want to buy.” . I do not recall this from my visits (the last one the day literally yesterday) but I really would appreciate other members input here.

      As I am not in any hurry (my next unbooked vacation in in May 2009) I really would appreciate any suggestions on next steps to secure my second home.

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      Offer 150,000 euros and see how you get on. Money is so tight even the Spanish are beginning to realise the chicken that laid the golden eggs has died.

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      now is not a good time to buy. Everyone knows that Spain has 2 million surplus properties as a result of the recent boom years.

      Property prices are dropping so you should buy at the bottom of the housing cycle, not at the top. Even if you rent for 2 years it will be cheaper than buying AND it gives you more time to experience different areas of Spain.


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