The Truth about ‘A Place in the Sun Home or Away’

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      This is factual about ‘A Place in the Sun’ TV programmes!

      We went to Spain last year with a couple who it transpired were on this programme.

      Mr and Mrs X, thought they would like a ‘jolly’ and applied to go on the programme, they harboured vague notions of moving to Devon, and/or moving to France.

      They were told this was not possible for this show so would they ‘pretend’ they wanted to move either to Kent or to some central part of Spain, they were’nt interested in either, but went along with it.

      They had a fun time with Jasmine and Jonny viewing properties in these two areas they were’nt interested in, nor were the properties of interest either.

      We’ve since met another couple who the programme editors told them what they wanted them to view and where.

      The programme whilst mildly interesting is a sham as many of Channel 4 and 5’s programmes relating to property are.

      They are just to increase viewing figures, not illegal, but completely fabricated.

      Had the 1st couple bought in central Spain where they were led to, the prices have since bombed, it’s in the middle of nowhere, nothing to do etc, a town not dissimilar to the ugly town of Ubeda that we had the misfortune to visit once, cold in Winter, hot and dusty in Summer and loads of car wrecking speed humps, you’d be bored stiff there and no investment whatsoever. 😆

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