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    Today we have the spectacular story of Antonio ‘El Gitano’ The manager of Trampolin Hills.

    How a poor man transformed to a wealthy one in a pair of years with the help of the spanish property boom and some naive british buyers:

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    Naive British Buyers? Well, they used local lawyers, they had bank guarantees accepted by those lawyers, (unfortunately issued by a company NOT licensed to issue bank guarantees in Spain), obtained mortgages from Cam Bank, & then it’s discovered that the whole thing is a fraud.

    Check out the other news stories about this farce. 65,000,000 euros in total taken in deposits, NO TRACE can be found, with 50,000,000 of it lodged with the Swiss Financial company whose directors have been in prison since December.

    This ‘gentleman’ & his associates don’t even own the land. There are no, & THERE NEVER will be building licenses granted.

    What were the lawyers doing? Did they even bother to check the BG?

    How many checks are buyers supposed to do?

    2500 + buyers (mainly British) did do everything that anyone could expect, & they still got screwed!

    At least one buyer has paid 200,000 euros for his property, including the mortgage from Cam Bank, only to find his property occupied by another British couple who also paid 200,000 euros, also with a mortgage from Cam Bank!

    Look at the Trampolin Hills thread on eye, there is a vast amount of information.

    This person is not the hard done by guy that he appears in this article.

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    Excuse me for the term naive. But is common sense, you only had to meet the manager of Trampolin in order to see that something was wrong. He really looks a bad guy and so I think he would be.

    I have been posting regularly in the last years advising people not to buy here in Spain at these prices so I hope to have advised well to someone cause this huge amount of money was making rich people like this guy (the manager of trampolin) and feeding local corruption and I was well aware that prices would fall sharply and some would lost their money.

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    Some days ago I posted this link where we can see this guy in the minute 2:00 of the video:

    Someone was trying to get his money with the helps of several russians.

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    peter: Your assumption is that every buyer met this chap. From what I’ve seen of TH, they had alot of attractive young ladies in their office with several ‘salesmen’. The odds of everyone meeting the owner are pretty slim.

    Also remember that buyers were accompanied on their inspection trips with a rep from their agent in the UK, who would go out of his/her way to re-assure the prospective buyers.

    My point however is, once you instruct a lawyer, you are paying that lawyer to work on your behalf & to protect your interests. Surely checking if the BG is genuine is part of that process?

    Also, wouldn’t the lawyer check to see if the seller actually owned what is being sold?

    When you take out a mortgage, surely the bank checks the legality of the property, after all it is their security for the loan.

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    I live in Almería and sometimes drive up to Murcia (and on to Madrid). There used to be several large billboards for ‘Trampolin Hills’ (what a silly name) on the side of the motorway. The fact is, though, when you see a product advertised often enough, you begin to accept is as genuine. Well, you might say to yourself, there they are with their fancy famous-name urbanisation.
    Which is why, I suppose, there are so many wealthy crooks floating around…

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    I saw, today, that earlier in the week a Spanish buyer from Valencia has lodged the 1st formal complaint with the EU, re: fraud, loss of 100k euro deposit , etc. Apparently only 50% of those affected are British with the remainder mainly Spanish & Norwegians.

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    Today it’s reported 2 Spanish bros. from Jumilla,held a gun to the head of another one involved , whilst looking for ‘El gitano’ & played ‘russian roulette’ with one bullet in the chamber. They wanted their money for 15 houses they had put deposits on. The judge let them out on un-secured bail. 😆

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    “Today it’s reported 2 Spanish bros. from Jumilla,held a gun to the head of another one involved “

    Why would they do this to their own brothers ?

    “whilst looking for ‘El gitano’ “

    Surely they cant being doing this they must be looking at each others head ?

    ” one bullet in the chamber.”

    Do the the lawyers U& judges have a chamber ?

    “They wanted their money for 15 houses they had put deposits on.”

    Were the two brothers, developers ?

    “The judge let them out on un-secured bail.”
    Perhaps the chambers were overcrowded !!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    The two bros. were looking for El gitano to recover money they had paid for 15 properties & found only an associate of his. They loaded the gun with one bullet ,spun the chamber, put it to the assciates head & pulled the trigger.

    Is that better ?

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    Much better Gus Lopez. What was the result ???

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    They are on bail wiyhout surety. Must not go within 300m of El Gitano.

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    Thanks. This seams a bit silly. If they there ready to shoot him down & live with the consequences. Why would they respect the 300m court order.

    I suppose there would be arms available that could be used from 300m !!!!!

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