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    Who will fall for that hype…townhouses at 780,000 đŸ˜¯

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    The, price of the one bedroom flat will certainly be loaded on the price of the Town house.

    The, one bedroom flat will probably not have a LFO and as a result worthless. If you have problems with the flat, you will not be able to take any legal action (not that the law works in Spain) as there will be no contract in the absence of a consideration.

    Make an offer for the townhouse for half of its asking price and than ask the developer to sell the apartment for 1€. Make sure that the buying cost does not exceed 0.15 cents i.e. 15% for the purchase price. Will you find a notary to act in the sale of this flat ???

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    “Who will fall for that hype…townhouses at 780,000 “


    Just Frank 8)

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    There trying everything to entice buyers but sensible people just look at the price.

    For me Brand new properties at 2000 Euros PSM and resale properties at 1500 euros PSM represent good value.

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    I am staggered by the building price per square metre in Spain that I’m reading here. On the island of Crete (where nearly all has to be shipped out to the island therefore high delivery costs), the going rate is 1250 euros psm to have a house built. Three years ago it was 1000 euros psm.

    Bearing in mind Crete is half-way to Libya it’s not as if it’s a ‘quick hop’ from the Greek mainland.

    It seems Spanish builders are making one helluva profit which is probably why builders here tend to charge around in Toyota pick-ups as against Mercs.

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    1250 euros to have the house built but what about the cost of the land and the services?

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    jwc – that is for build only, land is seperate. The going rate for land at the moment (a good shape plot with sea and mountain views) is approx. 23,000 euros per ‘stremma’ (1000 sq metres).
    So a 4 stremma plot will cost about 90,000 euros total. 4000 sq.m is the minimum size allowed for a build ‘outside the village’, and permits up to 200 sq m. house.
    Within the village boundary it is a whole different set of rules.

    So if my calculator is not on the blink, that makes a 200 sq.m. house on a 4000 sq.m plot, sea and mountain views = about 340,000 euros.

    Services are extra.
    Does the higher price PSM quoted above for Spain include land/services?
    (I’m referring to villas, not townhouses/appts.).

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