The Spanish equivalent of Smile Banking ?

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      Can someone recommend which spanish bank I should use?

      I want online banking, an engish language interface, a debit card, direct debits for utility bills/mortgage etc, and easy cheap transfers to and from my UK bank. I don’t need a branch. I don’t want credit. That’s it.

      I use Smile in the UK, and am accustomed to getting all this for free and with interest paid to me. Am I right in thinking that for the same service spanish banks will charge like a wounded rhino?

      Any advice or recommedations appreciated. Thanks

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      I bank with Solbank and Caja Mar. The Caja banks tend to have the lesser charges. A friend asked me to translate a letter from Banco de Santander this week which said all charges were being abolished, maybe worth a look.

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      Hi. Can I suggest you post this thread in the ‘settling in forum’ instead of this one?

      Perhaps people who already live or have accounts in Spain have already looked into this matter and have some better recommendations to make than the people who look and post on the general forum.

      Just a suggestion.

      Good luck.


      PS If you find such a bank please let us all know. It might come in handy!

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