The right to water from a well

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      If land is purchased to build a house on and there is a connection to a well on a neighbouring plot, what rights does the owner of the plot on which the well is standing have?

      The well feeds a total of four houses.

      The person on whose land it is has so far paid the electricity for the well despite the developer suggesting that a group is formed to pay for the costs for the well.

      One of the other owners paid towards a broken pump several years ago.

      Do the other properties (after more than 6 years of using the well) have any rights to a continuous supply of water?

      I hope one of the helpful lawyers can give some information here please.

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      You are entitled to use the water of a neighbor’s well if there is an easement appurtenant. According to the Spanish law the encumbrance must be declared by deed and submitted in the Land Registry but like the houses there is quiet a lot illegal wells in Spain. Anyway you have to perusal the deed of all the properties involved.


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