The new PEUAT law and current Barcelona tourist licences

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    Hello all,

    I am looking to purchase a flat with a tourist licence in Barcelona in the coming months and I see here that a new PEUAT law is going to be passed in the next year or so regarding tourist licences in Barcelona. This is making me slightly nervous about buying a property with one of the existing licences – does anyone else see a risk of these licences being revoked and no longer becoming valid once this law is passed or will this law simply apply to the granting of new licences?

    Also, do the existing licences generally have an expiration date and need to be renewed periodically?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on these points.


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    Mark Stücklin

    Dave, one can’t rule anything out with the current administration. They are putting a lot of noses out of joint. They always talk about bringing all tourist rentals under the same roof, so all in buildings dedicated to tourist rentals and not spread around the city. I don’t know how they will do that. I haven’t had time to study the latest draft of the PEUAT – maybe there are clues to be found in it, I don’t know. Let us know if you find anything out.

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