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      The first house near La Viñuela reservoir has been demolished on the orders of the Mayor, Juan Millán. The bulldozers went in on Wednesday morning.

      This is the man who will find himself in court in February next year facing a possible 18 months in prison in connection with three licences granted on non-buildable land.

      It is also the man who tried the ‘scam’ that hundreds of owners of illegally built properties in the municipality, mostly foreign residents, should pay a ‘voluntary tax’ to his Town Hall of up to 12,000 € to make their properties legal. Many did.
      It was he who revoked their building licences despite having issued them in the first place, and threatened their homes faced demolition if they didn’t pay. He’s been hauled over the coals for that one.

      Don’t you just love these men of power who think it their right to play God, and play with people’s lives/money. Signing demolition orders now is too little too late and blatant hypocrisy.
      Let’s hope he gets his 18 months in prison for being a total rat.

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      Charlie is there any more information about this demolition? Was it a completed property, anyone living in it etc.?

      According to the SOHA website they are in the process of sorting out the “illegal properties” in conjunction with the Junta.

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      and re. the ‘voluntary tax’ scam back in February:

      @arabrab wrote:

      ….. they are in the process of sorting out the “illegal properties” in conjunction with the Junta.

      Am sure the demolition on Wednesday was only to make him look good for his court case in February, as a man ‘abiding by the law’.
      As I said, too little too late.

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