The market is no so bad (If you work well)

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      Here some positive post at last.

      Last year I bought a 4 bedroom flat in Lorca (Murcia) an as I currently live alone I decided to rent some rooms. As I wasnt in the urge to rent I put a high price for the room (high for my city) so I would receive a good money and only people with good professions and a great salary would apply. (this means educated people that would take care of your flat).

      I have been surprised for the demand of this type of room. So here is an advise if you want to make business with rental in Spain.

      Find cheap but good properties in not very large cities, make them confortable and rent by room. Renting a full property right now is quite difficult.

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      I agree this type of scheme may produce lets because of the low rental costs but it would be very difficult to supervise for absentee owners or management agents.
      What about utility bills. Tenants would run up high consumption in the owners name and not pay up. Who would supervise the tenants behaviour and interaction. I have let property to students in the past and it’s a nightmare.

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      I agree with everything Logan has posted. One must remember at the end of the day there is no free lunch. Some inconvenience, lack of privacy, wear & tear will take place & this is remunerated with the cash.

      The circumstances which Peterpara refers to works better if the owner is living there and could be fun if you have the right kind of people who are sharing with you.

      I dont know how old is Peterrara. The kind of living he/she mentions is OK upto a certain age in life.

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      I agree with both of you. For me (31 years old) means new friends besides and additional amount of money.

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      Yes, Peterpara lots of fun & new friends. Get lots of grapes ready for the Noche Vieja.

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      Buena suerte Peter. You must admit it is not suitable for everyone though. Especially us oldies 😉 My sharing days stopped when I finished University 😀

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