The "Malaya 98"

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      The court case against the persons implicated in the marbella corruption began this week.

      Here is a list of the 98 accused and the sentences the prosecutor is asking for.

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      Looking at the list, that lot should clog the courts up nicely. 🙁

      I see that Roca has now also been charged in the Sean Connery ‘Goldfinger’ case: Perversion in the course of justice, misuse of public funds, and land ordination irregularities (alleged in the construction of 72 apartments on the site of the Connery villa in Marbella).

      Will be interesting to see how much plea bargaining goes on.

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      It’s taken them over four years to get this to court, while the ‘victims’ have been battling for justice. Not surprisingly, I see ‘my’ developer on this list. He was allowed to appeal when I ‘won’ the first hearing. After a two year wait I ‘won’ again. He was ordered by the Judge one year ago to pay me in full within 20 days but has blatently refused to do so. And what do the courts do about that? Absolutely nothing. My case (& many others) is directly related to the Malaya case where he is charged with bribary & corruption regarding the appartments we put deposits on but refused to complete when we discovered they were illegally built. They still have no LFO.

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