The Junta Pulls a Fast One

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      The Junta de Andalucía has interesting rules about city expansion. According to the ‘POTA’ – the plan for the ordination of the Andalucian territory – towns can build extra homes to a maximum of a percentage based on the calculation of the population (as per the padrón) in any four year period. For some small villages in Almería province, we are talking about as little as one house every four years! Mojácar (where I live) has, I think, some 130 viviendas every four years and, Best Beloved, they aren’t going to be built by just anyone.
      The result of this law, designed apparently to keep people moving to the cities (where the legislators, no doubt, have a lively side-business in rentals) means that the blithe British home-buyers of illegal casas in small and irrelevant pueblos in the hinterlands can go and fry an egg.
      On a butano cooker, of course, what with them not having electric.
      But wait, the Junta knows that there is money to be made from wealthy retired home-buyers who won’t be looking to take away any local jobs, but rather, create a few. So, as from this coming week, homes built around golf-courses (ah, yes, a frisson of pleasure when we see the word ‘golf’) will not be penalised, according to El Páis today, since they won’t be calculated any more within the POTA.
      This means that, once again, small pueblos will thrive – but only with the right class of person!

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