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    Here is the latest ranking of global house price indicators published by The Economist:

    Spain at the bottom, down 26.5pc since the peak, but still 15/16pc overvalued compared to rents and incomes.

    The problem is that TE uses official figures, which regulars will know understate Spanish house price declines, making Spanish property seem more overvalued than it really is.

    Surely Hong Kong is a bubble set to burst đŸ˜¯

    Article at TE: Boom and Gloom

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    Meassuring against rents in Sweden is meaningless since they are all rent controlled. The best deal you can ever make is to get your hands on a rental apartment in Stockholm. There is even a black market “USSR style” where contracts can fetch 20-100k euros for them. Otherwise interesting numbers.

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    S&P sees deepening houses slump in France, Spain and Holland

    They are still talking that prices will be dropping in 2018 đŸ˜®

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