The developers’ official version on LFOs!!!

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      I translated (as best as I could) the following article on what the developers of Andalucia say on the subject.

      I thought, as this lot was not prepared to enter a discussion with the purchasers, perhaps, it would be good for all of us ‘plebes’, who paid our good monies to them, to know what is their official version of redemption and absolution re. the game they played on our backs along with the local corrupted politicians and public servants!!!


      P.S. By the way, what Sr Arranz fails to explain is the following: if the developers were indeed building in areas that it was allowed to do so,…and they were not in breach of any EU, National or Regional laws/PGOU Plans, then why did they allow themselves to be subjected to extortion? Why didn’t they simply report this to the appropriate authorities (Police, Courts etc)?

      In my book, no one subjects themselves to extortion unless they have something to hide! 😉

      The Andalusian developers confirm that the politicians subjected them to extorsion practices by F.J. PEREZ – Malaga, El Pais – Spain – 29-06-2006.

      The Andalusian Federation of Developers and Residential Tourism came out yesterday in defence of the good reputation of the sector, after the second phase of the Operation Malaya against the municipal corruption in Marbella, in which 13 constructors have been detained, with the following phrase: “We hope that the Public Powers act rigorously to eradicate the extorsion practices which, too frequenctly, have been put on company activities, not only in Andalusia. It suffices to remember the report by the then minister Borrell, or the 3% reported by the president of the Generalitat”.

      The President of the Andalusian Federation of Developers, Ricardo Arranz, talked about the then Public Work minister, Josep Borrell, who insisted, in April of 1991, to the industrialists of the big construction companies “not to pay commission to anyone to obtain building concessions”, and when Pasqual Maragall blamed CiU in order to get commission from the companies and concede building licences to them.

      What seemed to be a painless corporative official notice, with the usual expressions of confidence in Justice and revindications on the presumption of innocence of the detained industralists, it contained a surprise in its fourth point: the report on the presumed practices of extorsion that industrialists were subjected to.

      Arranz, who tried to claim that with this official notice his group’s position was made clear, had to dedicate part of yesterday evening explaining this so serious statetement.

      Arranz clarified that “it is not possible to demonise all the politicians, but only the corrupt ones”, and stated that with that 4th point one looks “to open the debate on whether what is said in the media is a bribe of the industralists or an extorsion that they were subjected to by the corrupt politicians”. In order to explain it, he stated the case of the licenses of first occupation, that according to him, are granted automatically after the municipal technicians certify that the constructed building corresponds to the authorized plan in the building licence. “If the Town Hall, which has the obligation to grant the licence of first occupation – and often it does so through administrative silence – asks in exchange money to grant it then this is extortion against the industralist, not a bribe”, he assured.

      The president of the developers compares this city-planning blackmail with what was called “revolutionary tax of ETA” or with the “kidnapping of a daughter”. “In Marbella there were many people who had 600 apartments to sell and a loan with the bank on top of that. For those, who were granted the license it was a real matter of life or death”, assured Arranz. He thinks that is not reasonable that the alarms have not gone off “until [Juan Antonio] Roca [the supposed master mind of the plot of the corruption in Marbella] was found with 2,400 million euros”. 😯 In the same official statement, the developers requested “a common and loyal effort” of all the public organizations and organizations acting to“restore the image” of the city, as “ignoring the damage caused is irresponsible and it can cause damages to the regional economy”.

      Arranz stated that the banking organizations are beginning “to lose confidence in Costa del Sol” and that the real estate sector is going to enter a crisis similar to the one of 1990 and 1991. The President of the Developers, in whose association Arturo Moya appears as the executive vice-president, who coordinated the General Plan of Ordenación Urbana (PGOU) of Marbella, is convinced that police operations such as Operation Malaya “are going to slow down the process of coming out of the crisis”.

      Finally, the Andalusian Federation of Developers and Residential Tourism protested by saying that the Planning of the Territorry (POT) of the western Costa del Sol and the Marbella PGOU should be approved as soon as possible. “Without these essential legal norms” they think that “ the legal security of Marbella and other municipalities of the coast will continue being insufficient”. 😯 😯

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      Well done Katerina, a brilliant translation for a Greek national to translate a Spanish article into English!! 😀 Thank You.

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      Claire. let us not forget that history is on Ketrinas side. During the Moorish times documents on medicine, philosphy etc was converted from Greek to Arabic and Arabic to latin. The cities of Cordoba and Toledo were at the fore front.

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      Riiiiight…. 😕

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