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      Which are the most desirable areas to buy in the Costs Brava? Key ingredients: scenery, tranquillity, not too far from a centre.

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      I personally like the area around Tamariu, Llafranc, Begur, Calella. Lots of fairly unspoilt coves surrounded by hilly pine forests.

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      Good evening Tinnat

      I haven’t posted on here under this soubriquet for several years, though by way of disclosure I had a brief reappearance as “Carosfella” when I failed to get this account working.

      I often “lurk” though and mention of the Costa Brava tempts me back.

      I spent several years, from early 2007 to late last year seriously following the market here as it is absolutely my favourite part of Spain (in fact, in many ways, is barely part of Spain at all), before I gave up and bought something in the Scillies instead (less sun, better beer).

      I absolutely endorse Chopera’s view about the Tamariu, Llafranc area, but don’t expect many bargains. There’s a lot of old French money and new Russian money invested around here and neither apparently under great pressure to sell. If you look in the FT pretty much any Saturday you’ll see Garoina trying to sell a gated estate, shared pools, prices starting at 950,000 Euros for something modest in Aigua Blava. True, it’s near the Parador and one of the trendiest beaches in the area, but I saw it under construction in 2007, so someone is either very optimistic, or very able to hold on.

      It’s worth considering looking a little further South in Sant Antoni. Don’t bother with the masses of property set back from the coast near Calonge on estates like Viscontes de Cabanyas – too far from restaurants, bars etc. I know you want seclusion, but it’s possible to get peace and quiet without living unfeasible distances from facilities. There are some sixties/seventies built developments on the fringe of the town in walking distance of the beach. From Torre Viejo, turn left and you’ve got a wide beach and a developed beachside walk to Palamos, turn right and there are some decently preserved coves with pines down to the sea.

      This is cheaper, but still not cheap. A property we nearly bought has been dropping steadily in price. It’s now below an offer we had rejected in October 2007.

      I really hope you find somewhere you like to buy. We’ve decided for a range of reason our visits to Catalonia will be on a rental basis. If you find somewhere nice, we’d make decent tenants!

      Good luck


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