The Camerons in Spain

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    Dave and Sam Cameron are in Granada for a 2-day break, staying in a small 3-star family-run hotel exact whereabouts unknown. A reporter from the DT managed to ring the hotel to ask about their VIP guests…….A man who answered the phone at the hotel said: “There is nobody here, nobody at all, but I can’t talk to you. I can’t talk about it. I have to go.”

    Made me laugh. 😆

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    Photos all over the papers. Accused of it being an arranged spin/photo opportunity trip. Seems about right seeing as they flew Ryanair 😆

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    Does seem odd multi-millionaires slumming it. Perhaps they are trying to understand the common man. In which case why not Benidorm? Ugh, maybe that’s a leap too far. 🙂

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