The build quality of properties in Spain

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    I was wondering about the build quality of properties in Spain. During the boom property developers were using the most shoddy of materials to construct property and I was wondering, is this a common occurrence and can you suggest what problems areas in a property one should look out for when buying a home in spain?

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    Generally speaking, quality suffered at the height of the boom, though not everything built between 2005 – 2008 is rubbish, and not everything built before that is good (hardly anything built after that đŸ˜• ). Quality suffered because it was difficult to get good builders at a reasonable price, and because people started to believe you could sell anything, no matter how rubbish. Not just in Spain either!

    Look for quality signals in kitches, bathrooms, joinery and external carpentry. Also, think about the fine detail of functionality (an obsession of mine đŸ™‚ ).

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