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      We did a preliminary look round in March and decided that we would like to live somewhere in Northern Costa Blanca. We will be making several more trips before we decide where and which property and whether to rent or buy. When we are decided we will take a long let for the best part of a year to acclimatise ourselves and also to leisurely find somewhere pemanant.
      Whilst we are in the planning stage we would like to sort out how much disposable income we are likely to have.
      Our query is that we do not know how much tax and local charges we will be paying.
      My wife and I have occupational pensions that we know will still be taxed in UK. My wife has a state pension but I am nine years away from mine.
      Does anyone have a working knowledge of the taxation in Spain?
      We understand that our state pensions will be taxed in Spain.
      Will we get a tax free allowance in both UK and Spain?
      What is wealth tax? is it comparable to our council tax?
      Can anyone give us an estimate of all taxes we are likely to pay including income tax, wealth tax, local tax, rubbish tax, community tax, road tax etc.
      We plan to get ourselves registered asap so that we are within Spanish laws and rules.
      We would be very grateful for any information whatsoever

      Steve & Jill

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      Click on the “Solutions” heading – there is info and some links there. There is also comprehensive information in other threads if you search back on the site. Just takes a bit of time.

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