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    I was wondering if the form 214 can be downloaded from the internet and maybe even filed on line. Although to do the latter (if it possible) I assume some registration must have taken place first which no doubt will involve correspodence with the tax office.

    I am trying to get my tax affairs in order I have owned a property for 4 years now but have not yet submitted a return. My wife is Spanish and I am wondering if I can do it all from the UK via the internet.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    You can access and complete all forms on line. You then have to print and send them in.

    Go to and follow instructions. You will have quite a few surcharges to pay if you have not submitted for four years.

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    Thanks, I got a Spanish friend to pick up copies of the form2 14 and I handed them in last week when I was in Spain.

    I hope the surcharges are not too much. I have been told 20% of the tax due? if that is it then I guess I can bear it. I really hope it’s not 20% + fines!

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    Next time you come to Spain, jp1, do not forget to bring your NIE. You ll be able to obtain a digital certificate to prove that “you” are “yourself” 🙂 online, so you can do all the tramits via the Internet without need of sending forms, etc.

    You can download form 214 here:

    You are welcome! lol!



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