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      Please could anyone assist?  I have recently bought a property in Casares, and its going to be a holiday home only (no renting, so no income).  Do i have to complete a tax return and if so, which form?  there seems to be lots of them!!!

      Many thanks,

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      Hi, if you are non-resident, then you need to fill in a Modelo 210 form.

      Loads of info online about it.

      I use a tax lawyer to do mine ( holiday home ) and he charges me €150



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      Good Afternoon,

      We are non EU residents and holiday let our apartment in La Cala. We have been using an accountant to submit our 210 returns but are now considering do this ourselves. I am assuming we need to submit quarterly returns in relation to the income received and an annual return as a non resident? Is this correct? Assuming we did not rent in a three month period do we submit a nil return or submit nothing? (we have only owned a year so a bit new to this)

      How do we go about submitting the returns ourselves? I know we can fill in the 210 and send it to the bank to pay but how do we send the form to the tax office? Is there a simple method to register to submit the forms online?

      Have to say, I am finding owning a holiday home rather expensive what with all the new tourist licenses, taxes and other things the agents and solicitors fail to mention 😉

      Many thanks



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