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      My husband and I have an apartment in the centro historico of Malaga. For a number of years we have been contributing to a repair account to do up the facade, shutters and roof of the apartment block. Over these years we have contributed more than 3500 euros. The townhall has contributed a lump sum of 20,000 euros. Last week we received a notice to inform us that the tax office has been informed of our receipt (so to speak) of our share of the 20,000. This is about 12,000 euros. I believe we will have to pay tax on this. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this, and if so could you tell us how we find out the amount of tax we will have to pay and how we go about paying the tax. We presume we will have to input the details on form 210? However, the guides available about filling in this form don’t appear from our reading to cover this sort of think. We are trying to avoid visiting the tax office at this stage. When we have visited the tax office (Hacienda) in the past we have found it very time consuming (takes hours) chaotic and the information received has sometimes been very vague and unhelpful. Thank you in advance.


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