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    the government has ordered a crackdown on non residents who reside permanently (ie more than six months)in Spain. The inspectors recently visited Sierra Blanca in marbella (prices in excess of €3,000,000) and owners are having to put up with week long interviews with tax authorities.

    Basically anyone who the tax office thinks spends more than six months a year here will have to prove otherwise or face a huge penalty based on an assumed income over at least five years. They are checking everything – from price declared, electric bill, telephone bills, car bills and how you pay for everything.

    This has just happened to friends of mine who sold a house in Sierra blanca three years ago and the inspectors tracked them down to a new address in Marbella. They have had three inspectors in their house for three days checking out everything. these friends are typical of most foreigners who live here permanently but never bother to take out residency.

    It appears they are starting with the rich and of course in Marbella and will be spreading their wings. It makes sense as the country is broke and its revenue is way down on budget !!…

    For the record the lawyers are not interested in representing you as effectively you are a tax criminal possibly facing a custodial sentence if the sums are big enough!!

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    I suppose now the real estate gravy train has hit the buffers, the Spanish treasury will come to look at other revenue streams, based on the draconian systems of the US and UK models.

    Now Spain is virtually fully intergrated into the EU, there will be many more erosions of the old Spanish way of life that attracted us all here all those years ago.

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    If anyone is so seriously stupid, lazy or greedy to buy and live full time in a €3,000,000 house and not comply with a pretty obvious law they need a doctor not a tax advisor or solicitor.

    For Gawd’s sake…

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