Tax inspectors blitz tourist flats on Valencian beaches

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      The Spanish state is desperate for cash, none more so than the Generalitat of Valencia. They will go after easy targets like property. News is that tax insectors in Valencia are auditing the flats being rented to tourists and checking whose paying their income tax……

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      That is very interesting Mark, I have wondered when Spain will pick on the easy or sitting targets of property owners as well as motorists? Like most countries, UK included, Tax Authorities go after the masses to raise taxes whilst allowing the very wealthy to avoid/evade through clever accountants.

      Greece did it with a tax on properties raised via electricity bills, France has said it will tax holiday homes although not sure if or when this happens.

      Spain has to be very careful it doesn’t create a ‘Black Economy’, oh, just remembered it didn’t go away 🙄

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      We rent out a property in Florida and there is NO WAY we could avoid paying taxes.

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