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    We are in the process of buying a property in Spain and are thinking of having a swimming pool. There appears to be various ways of constructing a pool – preformed, gunite etc. Would appreciate any comments regarding pools as we are unsure which type to go for. Has anyone any good or bad experiences of pools – we don’t want to rely on salespeople’s biased opinions. Thanks

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    Hi Spiderman,

    Cant help much with the type of pool. I have only ever been involved with the type made from poured concrete and then tiled. but please make sure whatever type you have, check with the council on the permissions you need. Many pool companies will just put a pool in but a lot of councils require a project and a license. A lot of people in my area (Costa Blanca) have been fined and had the threat the council will fill the pool in. This has also happened to people who have bought resales with a pool already there, not just new pools.

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    The type of pool construction you should go for will, to a certain extent, depend on the ground conditions prevailing at the site. You should employ the services of an architect who specialises in pool design and commission a site investigation to determine the ground conditions. DON’T rely on a builder even if they are pool specialists. I’ve seen too many pools that have developed serious defects just a year or two after construction.

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