Swimming Pool legislation

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    We have just found out that the swimming pool on our complex will now only be open during July and August as the size of it dictates that we need to have a lifeguard at all times when it is open. This is catastrophic for rentals and I wonder if anyone else has come up against this problem and what measures they have taken to get around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’ve heard of people having this problem. Sorry but don’t know if they just accepted the new costs or not? Maybe if you make it a private members pool only (to those who pay the community fee or suchlike?)


    How have you just found out, because the admin company hasn’t received enough community payments and need to claw back payments from somewhere? Many community pools are closed because those paying don’t want non payers of the community to have a benefit they don’t pay for?

    Every summer in our town they advertise lifeguard courses for the Uni students.

    Why not find out what the minimum wage is for a lifeguard? Just make sure that it’s not through the admin company as they’ll probably employ a family member or friend for high wages.

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