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    I am in the process of acquiring a new property which has been completed. I have been informed by the lawyer acting for me, and from the contract, that there will be a ten year warranty for structural repirs. Therefore, my question is: should I get the property surveyed for any structural deficiencies prior to completion. If anyone has experience or thoughts on this matter, then it would be helpful to know what action was taken in a similar situation. The estate agent has not been helpful in guiding me on this subject.

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    Am I right in thinking this property was built with the required checks by a reputable property Insurance (you need to ask) ie they check things like correct cement mix etc,these checks are all done whilst property is being built and hence you get the 10 yr guarentee from the Ins Co,I had to pay for mine during the build but yours could have been part of your contract if you have not been asked to pay.

    If it was I dont see any need to recheck the build again but just ensure the certificate given to you is properly authented.

    Nb you cannot get the work authented afterwards as it must be done during build.

    Our Ins Co was Winterthur and its called OCT insurance

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    Yeah, it’s called “seguro decenal” and covers you for 10 years. Theoretically the insurance company will have done the same checks a surveyor will.

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    Were currently in this same situation, new build almost complete.
    Should we have a construction type survey done on property, as most people in Spain seem not to bother, or just go with insurance and do our own snagging list?

    If we opt for a survey, can you recommend any one inland, Granada region to carry this out, and also rough idea of what its likely to cost?


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    We have some paperwork for our seguro decenal, but I don’t think its complete.

    We have a policy document stamped May 2002, which was before the property was built, and a booklet “condiciones generales”

    We don’t have anything setting out inspections etc. during the build, or anything dated when the property was complete. We were “promoters” of the property and therefore paid for the policy ourselves. Who would have the rest of the documentation – the architects, or our legal representative?

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    I believe this refers (spanish is not my strong suit)



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