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      I’m preparing to sell a cochera garage in Benicasim. The agent requires that I submit the escritura to her. To be forwarded to the Notario. Is this typically, how its done? My understanding is that the escritura equals a deed. I’m a yank. In the U.S. he who holds the deed owns the property.

      The one escritura, has combined ownership of three different properties, by two owners.

      The cochera is in my father’s name. He inherited the half that he didn’t previously own, upon my mother’s death. I’m selling it on his behalf, via power of attorney.

      The other two properties, are a trastero, and a piso, apartment, owned by me, via herencia y donación, in a building across the street from the cochera. As I’d said, the three different properties were listed by owner, in one escritura. While the notario insisted that this is a perfectly acceptable common practice, I’m more than a bit worried about forwarding it to the estate agent. Should I be?

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      So the cochera is not part of a property? But reflected on the title deeds along with 2 other assets? As long a each asset has its own Finca number, you will not have any problems selling it.

      The agent should have a copy of the deeds if they are trying to sell it for you, or at least a nota simple. In either case if you do not want to give this to the agent send it straight through to the notary.

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