Status of Real Estate Market in Andalucia during Covid 19 ?

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      I am a US resident, who is a repeat short term renter near Estepona, and recently e-mailed 5 different estate agencies in Andalucia to find a villa or a lot to build a modular villa to meet our presumably not unreasonable expectations. I explained our familiarity with the Spanish market challenges including discriminatory tax laws against non-EU resident taxpayers and the new, real threat of squatters but we were prepared to move ahead with appropriate due diligence and safeguards.

      Surprisingly, none of estate agencies responded but only continued to send their periodic e-mails of “hot” properties. We have read that the property market in many countries, including Portugal, was “heated” with significantly rising prices despite Covid but have not seen news of similar activity or price increases in Spain.

      Are typical estate agents in Andalucia so overwhelmed with business that they would not even bother to acknowledge receipt of my e-mail? Or is there another explanation – Covid rules restrict their activity, they are currently focused on extremely motivated Spanish or European buyers, did my display of awareness of the market history classify me as an “undesirable” client, our expectations may be unreasonable, etc.?

      Since we probably would be making a large all cash purchase, we want a true professional to assist us find an appropriate property with minimal complications involved. Any helpful recommendations or observations will be greatly appreciated – contact details for a very good estate agent, just wait until all Covid restrictions end, avoid modular construction, just continue to rent and do not buy, etc.

      Thanks in Advance for any Assistance!

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