Spanish Village Rustic Theme – Ruined by the height of a new Building!

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      I just wondered if anyone could help?

      We are living in an old rustic village that had a footprint of over 100 years!  About 20 houses and only half of people live permanently and others visit few weeks per year.

      This last summer (July 2016) our next door neighbour built a very high building that affected us directly; the Western side view totally blocked, overlooking our terrace and the sun is blocked by 3 pm whereas before the new build we have enjoyed the western view and the sunset for the last 10 years!

      The new build is also blocked our neighbours’ views looking north and overlooking another neighbour’s swimming pool. We have submitted a petition to the Town Hall but we are not hopeful for any action and still waiting for an architect to come and verify that the build has not exceeded the specifications.

      The owner of the new build visit the village few weeks a year whereas most pf us living here permanently. We are informed by the new build owner that it is a legal build.

      The questions is, is it legal to block people’s view and infringe their privacy and which we believe affected the prices of our property and others?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,

      A Marafie

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