Spanish Property Websites Busier?

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      I don’t think this can be interpreted in any hugely meaningful way, but it is interesting (to me at least) so I thought I would share.

      Google Trends for websites seems to show that several Spanish Property related websites are significantly busier this year compared with last.,,

      I compared, and – for no other reason than these sites registered enough traffic to trigger a graph.

      Also to see estimated figures (which appear to range from 5k to 12k visitors per day) you need to be logged in with a Google account.

      Big caveat – these traffic figures are based largely around Google Analytics, also they may just represent the successful marketing efforts of the site owners rather than a general upwards trend in internet users surfing Spanish property sites. But hey.

      A positive indicator do we think?

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      You may be interested to see this thread and the linked article in Mark’s second post.


      I think the Spanish property recovery is a bit like a nude rolling down the hillside. Now you see it, now you don’t.

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      Rolling down naked and landing on a cactus needle is how it felt when we bought from those naughty agents charlie, it took quite a while to extricate ourselves from the pain with no major damage. 😉

      I imagine most property markets abroad are feeling the pain now, I don’t think people have the money now, or Brits are able to remortgage their UK homes in order to buy.

      It could be a long haul for markets to recover to a reasonable level but not as they once were.

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