Spanish property market shrinks 22pc in Q1

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      There were just 54,512 homes sales in Q1, down 21.5pc on the same time last year, according to the latest stats from the Dept. of Housing in the Ministry of Public Works (Fomento).

      It’s the lowest quarterly sales figures on record, based on figures from the notaries.

      The following table shows YoY Q1 sales by region.

      The Valencian Region and Murcia doing better than most. That’s a bit of a surprise. Whey would sales be up 10pc in Murcia, but down by double digits everywhere else? All those Norwegians buying Polaris World homes ❓ 😉

      If you really want to dig for some good news in these figures, you could try comparing the last 12 months to the 12 months before that, giving you a princely 1.3pc national increase, as you can see from this table:

      However, I can tell you that’s just because of fiscal changes bringing forward sales, not due to any increase in demand 🙄

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      Yes the column headers appear to be the wrong way round in that chart

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      You can dispute the column order but the information is still valid, though not particularly interesting. Just comparing one 12 month period with another. Got to go – take off being announced…

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      @mgspain wrote:

      The 2012/2013 in the second chart, are they mixed up or was there an increase?

      looks like an increase!

      And in the first chart – the first column is for 2013, second for 2012.
      So in fact, in many areas there is an increase and in fact a decrease in Murcia… All a bit confusing???

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      @Marcos: That is what I thought as well. I gave Mark the benefit of the doubt as things Spain are done differently.

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