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      I’m not sure if anyone can help me here. I have a property in Spain that is registered to a Dissolved UK Company that I was the sole director of. The company was dissolved completely some 4 years ago.  What do I need to do to change the registered name on the property??


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      Depending on how/why your company dissolved

      Have a look, see if you can get the company reinstated and then transfer the property to your person or sell the company inc the property, or other.

      At the moment, with no clear title ownership is vulnerable to allsorts.

      You cant change the registered name ( in a simple manner) as you dont own it.




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      The assets of a dissolved company become the property of the crown.

      Although you can get the company reinstated, this is one of those times that you need specialist legal advice.

      There could have been a misdeclaration when the company was dissolved and penalties, it could be taxable in the UK and will be subject to tax on the transfer in Spain. #messy

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      Mark Stücklin

      Some thoughts on this question from a Spanish lawyer:

      From the Spanish side what is needed is this: Acuerdo de Disolución y Liquidacion of the UK company as well as a document where the now dissolved company appoints this sole director as a liquidator (“liquidador”).

      These set of documents must be signed before Notary public with the Apostille seal and a sworn translation to Spanish is necessary.

      The problem here is that one does this at the time of winding up the company not four years after. You may have to get the company reinstated, and then follow the above.

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