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      How do they generally treat non-spanish citizens in your opinion?

      I had a problem late january (as if i hadn’t enough crap to deal with… yeah!) with a kitchen guy who only delivered half of my kitchen and then took off up the coast and never returned!

      I had his car licence, could have got his NIE from the kitchen shop he bought my units from, and I even know the company he works for now in the CDS but i wont mention his name here if im not allowed.

      Anyway, point is – i went to the police with these details and they snubbed me off saying go to the courts.

      When I asked an english friend here she said they won’t react to you very favourably, cos their attitude is kind of like – (your english, he’s english let them sort it out between them) I still can hardly believe that?

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      I’ve always found the spanish police very good, better than the UK. I think why they would not intervene is that this sort of case is a civil prosecution (just guessing). Could be different where you live but in marbella..they are excellent. And-I can be a bit of a whinger 🙂

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      If you buy something and they only deliver half of it you would need to go to the place you bought and try and resolve it with them and if no luck probably be advised to file a complaint with the Junta de Andalucia on a form called a Hoja de Reclamation
      (Direccion General de Consumo)

      If you went to the MFI in the UK and bought a kitchen only to find the oven hood and kitchen cupboard missing would you call the Police?

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      Thank you guys, I agree. Yes I did think going to the police was futile also, but everyone urged me to at the time, and under pressure you try anything plus they do have their station a few metres up the hill from where I live.

      My hubby also thinks the police are better here in keeping an eye on things in general.

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