Spanish or Foreign Will governs?

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      My stepfather recently passed away, leaving a will in Spain, where he had an apartment which he visited for a few months a year for the last five years and some funds in the bank. He also left an earlier will drafted in New York, where he lived for many decades (he was a US citizen and permanent resident) and had another apartment, money, and personal property. Both are very simple wills, leaving his entire estate to different beneficiaries. We are trying to find out which will applies to the property in the respective countries. Is this something you could handle in Spain, or do you have a recommendation for someone in Madrid? Many thanks for this, and your very informative website.

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      Mark Stücklin


      As far as Spain is concerned the most recent will should take precedence. I don’t know how it work in the US.

      Where is the property located in Spain?

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