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      When away from UK I like to do this and I do the Primitiva Jueves y Sabados at 1 euro each day. Sometimes do the EL Gordon de la Primitiva on Domingo. I won last year 47 euros with 4 numbers on one occasion. A few thoughts- they just put the results out on the teletext and on line but do not broadcast the event as in UK. I trust it’s completely ok and impartial. If one wins more than 2500 there is a 20per cent tax charged by the state. Having paid your tax are you free to take your money out of Spain if you want to ? Can you give some money to another person without paying any more taxes? If you get a winning ticket how can you be most safe in parting with it before you get your money. Presumably you would not take it to an Abogado to claim it for you? Maybe go to the Spanish Govt Office in Madrid and only give a copy and not part with the original till your cheque is safely handed over ! I am not a winner yet but I hope to be !

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      If you are not a resident you can get a form to claim the tax back also you can put the ticket with your Spanish bank and they will have it paid into your account

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